Equipment donors

We are incredibly grateful to the following companies/organisations who have generously supported us with equipment for the new stroke unit:

  • Medstrom: Medstrom have been particularly generous with supplying beds, mattresses and other equipment for the unit
  • University College Hospital: Also extremely generous supporters who have donated cardiac monitors, a ventilator, computers, a crash trolley and resuscitation equipment
  • Deekay Suppliers, Malawi: Donation of a geezer and water tank
  • Medequip: A large range of equipment including commodes, toilet seats, a tilt-in-space shower chair and eating/drinking equipment
  • NRS Healthcare: A large range of equipment including walking aids, bed tables and transfer boards
  • Handicare: ReTurn patient turner, shower stools, slings and other products
  • Arjo: A Sara Stedy transfer aid
  • Beagle Orthopaedic: Orthotics stock
  • The neuro team at St Pancras Hospital: A hoist, orthotics, splints, bandages and positioning equipment
  • The physiotherapy team at St George's Hospitals NHS Trust: Various pieces of unused equipment
  • Opcare: Various items of orthotics stock
  • Braun: Pumps for delivering medicine
  • Intersurgical: Oxygen masks