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Cultural Sensitisation Course - February 2020

In order to help our new unit have a smooth launch and achieve a long lasting partnership between professionals from the UK and Malawi, we have sent three members of our team to Johannesburg to take part in Norec training. Norec is a Norwegian government supported company that believes in ‘Change through Exchange’.  Participants are introduced to relevant global issues, with a special focus on how the exchange may contribute in a larger development context. 

Emma (UK Physio), Maclean (Malawi Senior nurse) & Jo (UK Senior nurse) attended representing the Malawi Stroke Unit to start developing practical solutions to overcome the differences in the way healthcare professionals work, are trained and particularly, how we communicate.

Jo: “It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know a variety of nurses who were from Malawi, heading to Malawi and heading home from Malawi. They offered practical advice and made me feel really excited to get started.”

Emma: “The course provided particularly valuable training in intercultural and interdisciplinary communication and cooperation and provided me with the opportunity to create networks with other physiotherapists who trained in Malawi and those who had worked in Malawi as part of their exchange”. 

We at Malawi Stroke Unit hope this training will help us in creating positive relationships and productive collaborations to change the treatment of stroke patients in Malawi.