Our Plan

Stroke Units Save Lives

Because of its wider reach, a stroke unit is the single most important intervention in the last two decades to prevent a patient from dying or becoming dependent from an acute stroke. Through a multidisciplinary approach, many of the following can be achieved:

  • Reduced secondary infections (e.g. bladder or chest infection)

  • Reduced pressure sores (pressure sores would normally lead to more infection, and increased immobility)

  • Reduced length of hospital stay

  • Reduced long term disability and dependency

  • Reduced in hospital death rates

Furthermore, a stroke unit has been shown to be superior and more cost-effective than treatment on general medical and neurological wards.  Although countries like South Africa has been successful in providing stroke care in dedicated stroke units, in government-owned hospital facilities, other countries in sub-Saharan Africa (including Malawi) are yet to follow. A major barrier is the limited number of specialist staff dedicated to this service.