Who We Are 

We formed a UK-Malawi stroke partnership in December 2016. The UK team includes an enthusiastic group of clinical stroke experts responsible for setting up and running a nationally-renowned stroke service at University College London Hospital and clinical scientists (from University of Liverpool and University College London) who have contributed to high-quality stroke research both in the UK and Malawi. The Malawi team are an aspiring group of forward-thinking and motivated individuals who are dedicated to improving the quality of stroke care in their country. Malawi has the core ingredients (e.g. nearby rehabilitation unit, physiotherapy school, diagnostic imaging facilities) to turn their aspiration into a reality.

We have therefore combined forces to create the Malawi Stroke Unit, where we seek to improve care, build capacity, provide mentorship for training of the clinical and stroke research teams and provide support for the infrastructure in Malawi. We know that quality standards delivered consistently at the frontline of care can make the difference between life and death for someone suffering from a stroke. What is needed to bring these services together is a trained workforce and a purpose-built area where high quality, excellent, stroke care can be provided. Through this partnership, we are motivated to ensure that our goal is achieved.