Revolutionising Stroke Care in Malawi

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Global Crisis in Stroke

Currently, there’s a global health crisis in stroke. The number of people having and dying from strokes across the world is increasing, especially in countries like Malawi. In the last 2 decades the number of people living with a stroke, in Malawi, has increased by 14% due to a clot in the brain and 35% due to a bleed in the brain.

We want to provide a cost-effective stroke unit, that will help revolutionise the lives of people in Malawi that are affected by the implications of stroke. We want to help change the devastating effects that this has on the people of Malawi.

Build a Unit

Our first step is to use the money raised to build an all-purpose, specialised stroke unit in Malawi that will provide a space to deliver stroke care by the highly skilled team.

Train Staff

We then need to support and develop a team of skilled healthcare professionals to deliver the stroke care to the people of Malawi.

Send Doctors

We would love to set up an exchange programme to send UK trained stroke specialist team members to Malawi to help with teaching and to learn about stroke care in a low-income setting. Also, for Malawi specialists to come to the UK and learn about high-income setting stroke care and contribute to research projects.

Some ways you can support us

Help us make our stroke unit a possibility. With your donations we’ll be able to bring support to the people of Malawi, through proper facilities and trained professionals to give the right treatment to those in need...


£10 for a brick

Paying £10 for a brick can get us closer to the 8,176 total bricks we need to build our specialised stroke unit.


£50 for a wheelchair

Buying a wheelchair for £50 can help us to get the specialised equipment we need to help reduce disability brought on by a stroke.


£100 for a month of training & support

£100 would help ensure that the people of Malawi receive the very best care by funding support for staff there to pay for their training and education.

Pay for a Brick Pay for a Wheelchair Pay for Training and Support


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